Sethu believes in training others and sharing skills. Our staff conducts a host of training programs for parents, schools, organizations working with children and other training institutes. The list of workshops below includes our most popular training programs. Contact Sethu to request a workshop for your institution or group.

Name Of Program Description
All About Growing Up Inform young people about adolescence and how to cope with change and challenges
Building Self-esteem Deals with what is meant by self-esteem and ways to increase it
Childhood Sexuality Information to help carers of children understand the development of sexuality in children and teach them how to keep themselves safe
Children and TV Helping parents to lay down guidelines for their children on TV watching, as well as teaching them to view the programs critically
Communication in Pictures A Workshop based on visual communication, is an effective alternative system that has proven to be extremely beneficial for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Communication Difficulties.
Count Me In A workshop for preschool teachers about the practise of inclusive education and how we can ensure that ALL children can learn together, including those with special needs.
Discipline without Tears Covers the reasons for children’s misbehavior and how to deal with this
Experimath / Math Workshop A Workshop for Parents / Primary School Teachers to Teach Children Basic Mathematical Concepts through ‘Learning by Doing’
Introduction to Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Information about why children fail in school.
Parenting Teenagers Guides parents to understand their teenagers & parent them effectively
Phonics How to teach children the letter sound association in English using multisensory methods
Phonological Awareness Helping children to learn that words are made up of sounds which can be changed to make new words - building block of learning to read & write
Sexuality of Children with Special Needs Guides parents and teachers on how to educate children with special needs about this very important aspect of child development
Sibling Rivalry Helps parents to enhance the relationship between brothers and sisters
Teaching English in Primary School Approaches and strategies to make English learning meaningful and fun for children who do not speak it at home
Understanding adolescence Helping teachers and parents to understand and cope with teenagers
Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Information on the causes and management of hyperactivity in children
Understanding Autism A workshop for parents/carers/professionals or anyone working with children. Understanding what difficulties are faced by children with autism and strategies to manage, support and include them
Understanding Children’s Feelings Guides carers of children on the importance of feelings, their link to behavior and how to deal with difficult situations