Class Act

Every April, eager teachers brave the summer heat to attend Class Act, an action-packed training program organised by Sethu. The typical primary school classroom of today is a crowded place with young children from diverse home backgrounds and languages try to learn matter, which is often meaningless and irrelevant to their daily lives. Teaching is harder than ever before - tougher students, more distractions, more pressure and much less time. There is a gap between what is known from research about how children learn best and what is actually practiced in the classroom.

For the last 9 years, Sethu has been trying to bridge this gap through the Class Act Program which seeks to inform teachers about how they can reach out to every child in their class using methods based on sound pedagogy. The topics addressed over the years have been behaviour management in the busy classroom, childhood sexuality, stress management for teachers, inclusive education, methods to promote reading and Maths and building English competency through learning by interctive process including group discussions and hands on exercises, ensures that the participants are challenged to think, ask questions and strengthen their knowledge through skills practice.

"After the session, my opnion and views towards many things changed. I learned to respect the views and opinions of the child more carefully" - Teachers feedback from Class Act 2015.