Teacher Training

Sethu strongly believes in empowering teachers. The saying ‘Knowledge Is Power’ is very true. More often than not, it is the teachers in pre and primary schools that first come into contact with children, whether they are neuro-typical or neuro-diverse.

The scores of children, more so children with special needs, attending preschool is increasing. In addition, with the Right TEducation (RTE) Act being passed in 2009 every child now has the right to compulsory and free education in their neighbourhood schools. However the dearth of knowledge in terms of (a) identifying and educating children with special needs and typical children alike and (b) utilizing developmentally appropriate practices is a barrier to enabling ALL children learn.

Further, a majority of schools follow curricula that are developmentally inappropriate and focus on learning by rote. This is a frustrating experience for all concerned, including teachers, parents and most importantly, the children. Schools need to understand how children learn and what a developmentally sound curriculum means. They can then ensure that their teachers are trained in such methods and are applying the same in their teaching practices.

Sethu conducts 2 main teacher training programs – Gnyandeep and Class Act.