Getting one’s child diagnosed with autism can be a great shock to many parents. They often feel out of their depth and do not know how to move forward and help their child. Questions like “Why did this happen to my child?”, “How can I train my child?”, “When will my child speak?”, “Should I tell the school about autism?” and so on, assail them.

We know that parents are the experts of their children, are deeply invested in their progress and are also best placed to help them throughout the day, as they care for, play with and spend time together doing all the activities of daily living. Therefore to build this wonderful human resource provided by nature and give parents the information and competencies to effectively teach their children with autism at home, Sethu conducts a training program called ‘Aarambh’. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of parents whose children have been recently diagnosed with autism.

The 5-session course held on Saturday afternoons, helps parents understand

  1. autism
  2. the importance of using structure
  3. the value of playing with children
  4. improving their communication skills
  5. understanding sensory processing challenges and
  6. handling different challenging behaviours.

Equipped with this knowledge, parents can prepare their children to become more socially competent.