Parent Training

At Sethu, the focus on parent training is immense. Parents have many advantages over therapists in that:

They are with their respective children throughout the day as opposed to 45 minute therapy sessions. Many a times, therapy slots clash with children’s nap times but parents can choose a time in the day when their children are alert and can learn actively. Further identifying trained professionals is a difficult task because of the miniscule size of this group. This in turn affects intensity and regularity of therapy.

They can help their respective children practice skills taught in therapy and then generalize any skills learned within their daily routines. Hence they have the practical advantage in terms of having many opportunities to engage their children and practice skills learned.

Hence empowering parents is indeed advantageous from the therapists’ and more importantly the child’s perspective.  Sethu primarily conducts 2 parent training programs year round - Asha & Aarambh