Most children who visit Sethu, are referred by their Pediatricians, General Physicians or their School. However, there are many parents who bring their children based on their own instincts. Every child who comes to Sethu undergoes an initial assessment, which includes a detailed history taking of the child’s developmental milestones, temperament, interests, abilities and difficulties. Once a diagnosis is made, if any, the child is referred to the specific therapists that will help the family and most importantly, the child, to achieve the maximum success they can.

Diagnosing children with learning disabilities in order to help them avail of various educational concessions; helping children who stammer or teaching non-verbal children to communicate; making babies with delayed milestones hold their head up, crawl and walk; helping young students with writing difficulties develop their fine motor skills; guiding parents towards effective parenting; building confidence in children and helping them deal with their fears, anxieties and anger; teaching little children the basics of reading, writing and phonics; helping children with autism deal with their difficulties in communication, behavior and socialization are just a few things done regularly at the center.