The CDC Database

Documentation is a highly necessary (and often times monotonous and boring) activity for organizations. The team at Sethu is obsessive about record keeping, as this ensures that we are able to track the work we do, as well as review and strengthen it. The Child Development Center (CDC) Database is our cool tool for the clinical services! This database records information of clients who are referred to Sethu for assessment and treatment. Case notes for every referral are summarized in a Clinical Item Sheet (CIS), which records data such as socio-demographic information, clinical symptoms at presentation, diagnoses on a multi-axial system of classification, treatment and outcome including financial details.

The CIS is updated regularly to include information about follow up visits. This information is then entered onto the computerized database. Sethu is very grateful to C.C. Aiyappa and the Give Goa team of the Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim, 2011-12 batch for creating a comprehensive computer program to capture the diverse aspects of information that the Sethu clinical service gathers.

Keeping track of all the clients who use Sethu’s services is a herculean challenge. Over these 10 years, detailed records of all the children and families who used Sethu’s services have been maintained in a clinical database. Between 2005 and 2015, we have had a total of 5514 registrations at the centre, including 5395 (97.8%) children and young adults and 119 (2.2%) families.

A brief analysis of the first 10 years of our service is revealing and is given pictorially below: