Teach To Reach

Teach To Reach (TTR) was a 5 months training program for assistant teachers who work with children with special needs (CwSN) within regular schools. The aim was to build a cadre of assistant teachers in Goa who could train children with autism and intellectual disability in regular schools and make the policy of inclusive education a reality.

TTR was conducted from March to July 2007, over approximately 400 training hours. In the mornings, the trainee teachers worked in resource rooms for CwSN in regular schools to gain hands-on experience of teaching. Theory classes were conducted in the afternoons.

Various topics were covered in the training such as typical child development, overview of disability, inclusive education, assessment of the child with special needs, planning an Individualised Educational Program, teaching learning strategies, promoting communication, behavior modification and working with school management, regular teachers and parents. The focus was mainly on developing good teaching practices, based on the application of the best available knowledge in the field to help special needs children in the school environment.

12 trainees attended the course and 9 of them are presently working with children with special needs in regular schools. This program was funded by the Ashiyana Trust.