We need your TALENT, we need your TIME. You can volunteer at Sethu!

Sethu is all about collaboration! With all the buzzing at Sethu, we are often in need of helping hands to build a world village to raise all our children! Sethu welcomes volunteers from any field to assist in various tasks, which help with the running of the Centre. These tasks could range from updating our database to sorting our library to making teaching aids, posters or even assisting in fundraising and plenty more! 

Let us know if you’d like to help and how! There might be much that we can learn from you too! Volunteers are required to have substantial experience in their field and submit their personal details, interests and time commitment on a form and provide two references.

Sethu reserves rights to accept, decline or discontinue the services of volunteers. We do not provide travel allowance or stipends. 
For applications or further information, please email us at reachus@sethu.in or laxmi.pillai@sethu.in and we will get back to you at the earliest!