Sethu provides internships and training to students from a range of disciplines, including Psychology, Management, Home Science and Social Work. The internship is usually for a period of 4 weeks. During this time students are provided an opportunity to learn both the theory and practice of therapeutic approaches to child development and behaviour, through extensive reading, as well as the observation of different assessment and therapy sessions done at the Centre.

M.A. Social Work Students informing a parent about the Niramaya Insurance Scheme

Students who are interested in doing an internship must apply well in advance and have a letter from their college stating their requirement for the internship as well as two letters of recommendation from the faculty of the college. Due to the large number of requests for internships, Sethu does not offer repeat internships for the same student. Students who are interested must:

  • Apply well in advance as only 4 students can be accommodated at a time
  • Preference will be given on a first-come basis
  • A letter from the institution is a must, stating the purpose of the internship
  • A letter of recommendation from the faculty is also required. This should denote the mentor’s opinion of your strengths, interests and any other feedback that would be useful or important for Sethu to know.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • The approximate date that you would like to begin the 4-week internship program

Upon receiving the above-mentioned documents, you will be guided through the rest of the selection process. The work that we do is very important and challenging, hence we request only those students who are genuinely keen on learning or have an interest in the field to apply. Students will be given a certificate after the successful completion of their internship. Sethu also accepts students from courses such as Mass Media, Management and Business Administration.  However, the program for these students will differ.

Sethu reserves rights to accept, decline or discontinue a student for the internship. We do not provide travel allowance, accommodation, reimbursements or stipends. For applications or further information, please email and we will get back to you at the earliest!

Intern Testimonials:

"Through my experience at Sethu as an intern, I have come to find Sethu a secure base for children for not only developing but also exploring the world while learning to build better relations with themselves, their families, schools, and communities. Sethu provides a safe zone for children to flourish and provides a platform for the parents to be a part of this development. Through their various programs and initiatives Sethu constantly strives to provide the best for children by addressing all the individuals in a child's life.

My experience has been very enriching and has certainly added to my professional development. I'm immensely grateful to Sethu for not only providing me with a wonderful opportunity to learn but also for the extraordinary work they do."

~ Pankti Gohel, Intern at Sethu Centre

"This is the wonderful, friendly, no judging, professional team at Sethu center. I have now been doing my internship with you for 10 weeks and i am so happy for the opportunity. You give the world hope for a better future. The work you are doing with families and there children is so captivating. You work, not only with the Children, also with everything around and that makes you so special. If somebody needs help you will never say no. Thanks for making Me feel as a part of the team and if you are going to have an internship during you studies, you should definitely do it at SETHU. You are the best!"

~ Elsa Nyberg, intern from Sweeden