Sexuality is a natural, normal part of being a whole person. Welcome to the program that gives parents the `know how' they need to deal with this vital aspect of their child's development. Through an interactive process with group sharing, practical exercises and lots of humor, learn about the development of sexuality in children and how you can teach them effectively. When children are educated about their bodies, it promotes their safety.

The facilitator is Dr. Nandita de Souza, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician (and a parent herself!) who believes that childhood sexuality education is a vital parental responsibility, filled with opportunities for building a great relationship with our children. She is the Director of Sethu Centre for Child Development and Family Guidance based in Goa (www.sethu.in), which has been working extensively with children, families and teachers for the last 13 years. Nandita is a TEDx speaker. Listen to her talk on inclusion here.

For more information and to register, email Nandita on nandita@sethu.in. Registration fees can be paid by wire transfer to the Sethu bank account (Details provided on request). All proceeds of the workshop will go towards strengthening the multidisciplinary services at Sethu. Register early, as seats are limited!