Sethu - A place where Services which are Excellent with a Team that is Hardworking and Understanding.
~ Giselle Lobo, Special Educator

We are very proud of Sethu. It is such a relief to have this referral centre in times of handling a difficult developmental case or to prove the normalcy of a newborn after the intensive neonatal care.God bless you always and give you all that is required to strengthen your centre to relieve the parents of their stress by helping the needy kids.
~ Dr Santosh and Dr Purnima Usgaonkar, Usgaonkar Hospital, Ponda

Even after a full year of schooling, Laxmi, a young girl of migrant parents was still not able to read, write or count. I took Laxmi, aged 12 to Sethu for help. After she was assessed we realised that over and above her learning difficulties, she had no previous educational experience. We immediately began remedials with the teacher at Sethu and after a few sessions plus some fun homework to do, Laxmi’s eyes were shining with pride and happiness. The path to literacy was unlocked! Thank you Sethu!

"We needed advice and called Sethu.
We needed counseling and trusted Sethu.
We needed a school visit and relied on Sethu.
We needed medications and depended on Sethu.
We needed a hug and turned to Sethu.
We needed hope and it came through Sethu."
Thank you Dr Nandita and the Sethu team
~ Amu and Janette 

“As our children grow out of school, access to socialization reduces considerably & this programme was a great opportunity for them to do what their peers typically do in their normal course of life- indoors as well as outdoors. The greatest relief for parents is that their wards were enjoying themselves in a safe environment. These partners also have learnt from our children and are going to be the future citizens of the society who are going to be policy makers, lawyers etc. Therefore this has helped raise awareness regarding disabilities & create an inclusive society as a whole. It’s a win- win situation for all."
~ Elizabeth Kurian (Parent commenting on the DOST Project) (DOST - Developing Opportunities for Special Teenagers)

“When my mother told me to come to Sethu, I did not want to come. She insisted, so then I Googled Sethu and after reading, I thought maybe you can help me!”
~ Teenager’s feedback

During ASHA, my child could play and interact with other children her age. As a parent, I had a chance to meet other parents of children with autism and share our experiences.
~ A Mother’s Feedback

“From the moment, my child and I entered the reception area, I could see that here was a place where children, whatever their challenges in life, were treated with respect.”
~ A Parent's Feedback

"Sethu has been a part of my life for many years now. I went there as a kid to overcome my dyslexia. Sethu helped a lot in not only overcoming my dyslexia but also building up my confidence. Sethu is like home to me. I have also become conscious about other children with difficulties and can empathize with them."
~ R. Prabhudessai

"PEERS was a great guidance program for my son. He now wants to organize frequent barbecue get-togethers with his friends. He has joined a new school and on a recent visit, a couple of his friends asked me to tell him not to tease them. After enquiring further, I found out that he was using the “tease-the-tease” approach to being teased himself by them! This made me overjoyed and we both did a victory dance!"
I. Kare

"My son Jojo has got admission for an M.Sc physics program and plans to do a dual degree in computer science if he performs well this year. He has to stay in the hostel however he comes home on the weekends. I constantly remind him about the PEERS rules. He tells me he has not initiated a conversation so far but does talk with the students when they talk to him, which he never did before. He is also making decisions by himself. Hopefully he will improve with constant reminders. Thanks to the PEERS program Jojo can stand on his feet.”
~ Mrs C. Varela

In Finland, we take a lot for granted. My time at Sethu changed a lot my way of thinking and offered me a different kind of experience. The reason was: people - that believed in their own work, that believed in other people and that believed in change. I saw how Sethu professionals helped their clients to change their lives, improve their self-confidence and work was from the heart. At Sethu Center I was surprised to see how it is possible to work is small, shared spaces. But despite that, Sethu continue its work professionally, giving each client the time that they need. Sethu Center creates an atmosphere where everyone is welcome. For that reason it was an easy place to for me to volunteer, even though it was for a short time. Every professional I interacted with made me feel welcome. Here, everyone is treated with respect and joy.
~ Rikka T, Intern at Sethu Centre

Sethu is an organisation driven by the passion of its founders and taken forward by people committed to make a difference. It has an amazing ability to create awareness and support through its outreach and fundraiser programmes. We all need homes to retreat, to renew, to nurture and to share and Sethu needs one too!
~ Architect Dean D'Cruz

Goan children and their parents are very fortunate to have an organisation like Sethu that deals with every aspect of childhood developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties, here in Goa. Bringing up any child is quite difficult in the current times and bringing up a child with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder is extremely challenging and takes a toll on the family. Sethu, through offering specialised help, counseling and support has brought joy back into the lives of such children and their families.
~ Dr. Anita Dudhane

Sethu is a unique place where children with special needs and their families can learn new ways of dealing with sensitive issues in a safe and friendly environment. The team at Sethu under the able leadership of Dr. Nandita has helped countless young people transition from helplessness and despair to confidence and hope in a brighter tomorrow. I wish them every success!
~ Ayesha Madon, Entrepreneur

I'm very honoured to be associated with Sethu, whose reason for being is to be a bridge to hope and understanding for children with special needs. Sethu has created great spaces of acceptance for these children into the everyday school curriculum making it possible for them to move, in unison, with the rest of their peers.We wish them every success....so deserving of their hard work and dedication.
Denise de Mello, Volunteer and Stalwart Supporter of Sethu

Words can't really convey the sense of deep gratitude that my family and I have for Dr. Nandita and the Sethu team. Sethu's light shines bright giving hope to many families, like ours, providing a constant source of support, knowledge and encouragement. Alexander faced challenging times at school, his diagnosis of Aspergers was often seen as a burden. Not so for Sethu who turned every negative to a positive and supported him all the way. Alexander is now doing extremely well, in his 2nd year of university in the UK, and proving every day how special he is in every way.
Yvonne Sequeira, Parent

"Sethu helped my grandson Kunal become more vocal about what he wants, like is wants to eat or something to play. He used to face problems in school and would hardly talk. But now he speaks and sings the national anthem. Theres has been lots of improvemets, all of which happened after attending Asha."

"My son Gaurang was not at all social. He would cry when we tried to introduce him to others and would never leave our side. Now, after Asha, he is happier and mingles with others. He is much more social."

"Atharv uses to play alone all by himself but now he gets along with other kids and plays with them. He also mixes with his classmates and plays along with them using toys. Before he used to sit alone on his bed but now he even sits with me and enjoys playing near me while I work in the kitchen. Before coming to Sethu, he hardly used to talk, now he started using one word at a time like scooter and cycle. Personally for me, I used to scold and beat him whenever he was reluctant to obey me or used to throw tantrums; now I know how to handle it and how to exercise control in different situations."

"Ayush never responded to his name, would not speak or look at me. My family assured me that by 2 and a half years he would start talking and that I should not worry. But he didnt start speaking. After coming to Sethu and attending Asha, I learned how to manage and support Ayush. He has learnt how to sit along with other kids and at least has the patience to sit for a while, unlike before. My family did not support when when I first started the program because I had to travel a long distance. After seeing my son improve, they are supportive of me coming to Sethu. I know that with more help from the Sethu professionals, I will be able to improve Ayush's condition and I also believe that he can do much more with constant guidance and support."
~ Parents commenting on 'Asha' - early intervention program for families of children with autism (Batch of August 2016)

We are indebted to Sethu for lot of things, but mostly, we are grateful for making our life easy. In the last 2 years we have been in Sethu, we have had many sessions to help and improve my son’s daily life. We attended regularly speech and behavioral therapy, which has help us to bridge the communication gap. We never knew that pictures would be so effective in our son's life. We have used pictures, videos & children's mobile apps in his daily life to help our son understand his world better.
After working for over 2 years closely with Sethu, my son now speaks, writes and draws pictures to communicate his daily needs. He also started learning English and Marathi letters & numbers. There is immense improvement in his social behavior as well. Thank you Sethu for your support and guidance in our difficult time. Trust me, my son will make us proud one day.
~ Siddhart Polji, Parent of a child with autism.

Never before have I written a testimonial brimming with so much of emotion .. Being the parent of a child showing symptoms of autism, we were initially in a state of shock which soon turned to concern trying to find the right place to train our child. Our search ended When we stumbled upon Sethu. It was a great sigh of relief as here, we were able to get what we were looking for.. the sessions with every single therapist proved to be very beneficial to our child.. they took time to assess him and approached him with great professionalism.
Unfortunately, midway we had to relocate to Dubai, and this marked the beginning of a new trying time for us with respect to our son. Luckily, Sethu helped us with the contact details of parents with autistic children living in Dubai who were formerly associated with Sethu. This indeed was a mammoth help for us, as by liaising with these parents, we were able to decide on where to enroll our son in Dubai based on their real-life experiences. I would really like to thank the entire Sethu group for being such a support system to our family and will only wish them success in the good work that they are doing!
 ~ Mrs. Sheikh, parent.

"This is the wonderful, friendly, no judging, professional team at Sethu center. I have now been doing my internship with you for 10 weeks and i am so happy for the opportunity. You give the world hope for a better future. The work you are doing with families and there children is so captivating. You work, not only with the Children, also with everything around and that makes you so special. If somebody needs help you will never say no. Thanks for making Me feel as a part of the team and if you are going to have an internship during you studies, you should definitely do it at SETHU. You are the best!"

~ Elsa Nyberg, intern from Sweeden

"Through my experience at Sethu as an intern, I have come to find Sethu a secure base for children for not only developing but also exploring the world while learning to build better relations with themselves, their families, schools, and communities.
Sethu provides a safe zone for children to flourish and provides a platform for the parents to be a part of this development. Through their various programs and initiatives Sethu constantly strives to provide the best for children by addressing all the individuals in a child's life.
My experience has been very enriching and has certainly added to my professional development. I'm immensely grateful to Sethu for not only providing me with a wonderful opportunity to learn but also for the extraordinary work they do."
~ Pankti Gohel, Intern at Sethu Centre

“The Dost Program has given us a learning, which our B-School pedagogy could not have. We feel that as individuals, we have evolved to give up our petty dissatisfactions about things, which we are not getting and we have rechristened our outlook about society.”
~ Goa Institute of Management Student’s Feedback