Professionals and Staff

Dr. Nandita de Souza

Director | Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrician
Dr. Nandita has been working exclusively in the field of child and family mental health for the last 18 years. She has a special interest in autism and parenting and believes that children are her best teachers. She is an eternal child at heart (despite her hair and wrinkles). She loves her job where work is play.

Anjali Nunes

Speech and Language Therapist
Anjali has been adapting picture communication systems for children with language and communication disorders. She also conducts training for families with young children with speech delay. Anjali loves children as they accept you for who you are. She feels that she has found her niche and loves working at Sethu. In her spare time Anjali loves to listen to music, read and meet new people.

Andre Velho

Autism Interventionist and Behaviour Therapist
After studying & being trained in Autism in the UK, Andre felt the need to use his skills and knowledge to give back to the community in a place he calls home! He heads the autism intervention program at Sethu and is working on expanding it exponentially. Apart from his work with children, he loves cars and plays music in his free time.

Silvia Mascarenhas

Psychologist and Case Coordinator
Silvia is a cheerful, fun-loving, broad-minded person who is enthusiastic to learn. She believes her journey is far more important than the destination. Silvia is Sethu's child protection officer and has steered the development of the Child Protection Policy. She loves her job as it allows her to be who she truly is.

Aileen De Souza

Psychologist and Case Coordinator
Aileen has a Masters degree in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T Women's University, Mumbai. She has been instrumental in providing strucuture to the program on reaching out to children with ADHD and their families. She also conducts Psychological assessements. She loves her work and in her spare time she reads and bakes!

Shenessa Baretto

Calm, patient and warm by nature, Shanessa is a psychologist by profession and has done her Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling. Her aspiration to make a difference in people’s lives has drawn her into this field of working with children and their families. Shenessa conducts Psychoeducational Testing for children with learning difficulties and has helped develop curriculum-based tests.

Mahera Kantawalla

Occupational Therapist
Highly motivated and goal oriented, Mahera strives hard to improve the functional skills of the child. She has developed the Sensory Intergration program at Sethu to help children with sensory processing difficulties. She loves her job and her biggest achievement is when she is able to make a difference in the lives of the children and their families.

Madhura Manerikar

Special Educator
Madhura has a passion to work with children with special needs, especially those with an Intellectual Disablity. She is currently developing an curriculum for preschool and primary school children with an Intellectual Disability. In her free time she enjoys reading and listening to music. 

Rani Venatt

Special Educator
A former trainer of teachers aspiring to be special educators, Rani has joined Sethu to promote inclusive education in schools but is passionate about the inclusion of children with special needs in the community. She also works with the Lifeline Foundation, helping children receive professional and financial support in a village in Goa.

Kimberly Dias

Kimberly's pleasant personality enables her to relate to people of all ages. She is a creative thinker who loves working with children and believes that each child is unique and has so much to teach us. She uses Narrative Therapy to empower children with emotional, learning and behavioral difficulties. Her focus is to provide guidance to children and adolescents and to help improve the quality of their lives. She also does I.Q. and Psycho-Educational assessments to assess children with learning difficulties.

Gouri Salvi

Psychoanalyst and Child Psychotherapist
Gouri works with adults, children, adolescents and parents. She also has experience in the area of infant (under 2years) mental health. She feels honored to be a part of the Sethu’s team, helping children through psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Laxmi Pillai

Laxmi has studied Law and Business Administration. Mature and candid, she takes each day as an opportunity to better herself and her work. Her position is handled with a keen eye to detail and with great responsibility, making sure deadlines are met and clients are satisfied.


Junior Administrator
Pricilla's calm, pleasant & soft spoken nature brings a good balance to her work. As a front office person at Sethu, her systematic, organized & tidy work habits ensure the smooth running of the Centre every day.

Ulka Lotliker

Ulka is Sethu’s accountant par excellence. She has an eagle eye for numbers & makes sure everyone follows the rules. Thanks to her, Sethu’s accounts are always accurate and up to date.

Laxmi Magdum

Office Assistant and Receptionist
Laxmi is a student aspiring to be a fashion designer. Her sweet voice greets all who call Sethu. She is hardworking and eager to learn. She helps ensure all clients get appointments.


Head of Development and Outreach
Despirte running her own business, Helene puts 48 hours into every day to fulfil her responsibilities as Head of Development and as if this were not enough, she does entirely on a voluntary basis.

Giselle Lobo

Head of Inclusive Education
Giselle Lobo is a passionate supporter of inclusive education. She has pioneered the model of the life skills resource room in the state of Goa. This model seeks to provide opportunities to children with moderate and severe intellectual disability to be included in various co-curricular activities in mainstream schools.

Giselle has also conducted training programs through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the Directorate of Education in Goa, for teachers from primary middle and high schools and developed modules for Universal Design for Learning.

Mallika Lewis

Fellow in Speech-Language Pathology
Mallika completed her Bachelors in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. She is currently doing a clinical fellowship at Sethu. She is passionate about working with children with communication difficulties and is privileged to serve families as part of the Sethu Team!

Dr. Aparna Wadkar

Fellow in Developmental Pediatrics
Dr. Aparna has been working in the field of developmental Pediatrics for over 7 years and has a special interest in preterm babies since early intervention can change the outcome of these babies. She is the first Fellow in Developmental Pediatrics at Sethu and loves working with and for children. In her free time, she loves reading, listening to music and traveling.