Sethu's Top 10 Achievements


  1. Over 6500 children, youth and families assessed and treated at Sethu since 2005

  2. Provision of a range of multi-disciplinary services, with highly qualified professionals, using standardised protocols of care in a family-centred approach

  3. Developed a computerised clinical database with records of all children that are helped at the centre

  4. Conducted over 400 training programs for parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, anganwadi workers, both in and outside Goa

  5. Established as a referral centre for diagnostic and therapeutic services for intervention in autism

  6. Propagates inclusive education through training, on-site support, itinerant teaching and technical consultation

  7. Trains students and interns from various fields such as psychology, social work, counseling and special education

  8. Serves on various Government committees including Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board, Goa

  9. Conducted research into child literacy in Goa, together with the Bookworm Trust

  10. Created the Child Protection Policy to ensure safe management of children who visit the Sethu Centre