About Sethu


Sethu is a charitable trust based in Goa, India, which helps children get the best out of their lives as they grow and develop. Sethu’s mission is to be a bridge between children and their families, their schools and their communities to foster their complete development through assessments, therapy, educational initiatives, training, awareness and capacity building.

The Sethu Trust was formed in June 2005 to provide services for children with developmental, behavioural, emotional and educational challenges. We are committed to the welfare of the young and believe that there is an immense need for a service-based organisation for children and their education, development and behaviour.

Our conviction is that everyone who cares for children can work together sharing skills and knowledge – this is the bridge that Sethu embodies. It is because children have families, teachers, communities and other supports that Sethu can do its work. When we pool our diverse competencies and resources we can maximize our power to make this world more responsive to all children.